New Hire Series (NHS)

New Hire Series (“NHS”)

Please Note: This is taking the place of the “Beginning Teacher Series” from previous years.

This is a series of five (5) Professional Development sessions, required as part of the Mentor Program. Late hires will be allowed to make up sessions during their second year.

Any questions? Please contact Sharon Usher at ushers@psdri.net.

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Welcome to the Mentor Program,

“Educational Support in Pawtucket”, known as ESP.


This program continues to grow and develop with each passing year, and we welcome your input as you participate.

Feel free to contact us at any time with questions, comments, or concerns. You will see us in and out of your schools, and we can be reached at the following email addresses:



Melissa Labossiere: labossierem@psdri.net

Ext. 219   (401) 721-5219







Teachers in their pre-tenure years of employment by the

Pawtucket School Department will be required to participate in the

Pawtucket School Department’s mentoring program, called

Educational Support in Pawtucket”.


·  First-Year Mentees must document 10 hours of meetings with their mentor, along with attending the New HIre Series offered by our Teachers’ Union.


·  Second and Third-Year Mentees must document 10 hours of meetings,

each year, with their mentor.


The name of any teacher not completing the requirements by

JUNE 1st must be forwarded to the superintendents’ offices.




š Our Goals ›
-Professional and personal support for all teachers
-Assistance in easing the transition from theory into practice
-Retention of quality teachers
-Encouragement of collegiality
-Creation of valuable partnerships with colleagues from across Rhode Island
-Recognition for experienced teachers who share their valuable knowledge and skills

š Outcomes for New Teachers ›
-Rewarding first years of teaching
-Enhanced professional development
-Promotion of reflective practice
-Encouragement of collegiality
-Increased awareness of the richness and diversity in schools

š Outcomes for Mentors ›
-Growth and reflection on their own practice
-Recognition and acknowledgment
-Enhancement of role as consultant, coach, and resource specialist
-Catalyst for collegiality