School Committee Policy Manual

The Pawtucket School Committee is currently in the process of reviewing and updating its policy manual with the final goal of having a full digital manual available for the community to access. As the Committee is moving through this process, the policies that are finalized will be placed below. Policies that have not yet been reviewed and digitized can be accessed by contacting the Superintendent's office. Thank you for your patience with this matter. To learn more about the work that the Pawtucket School Committee is doing to review and update this policy manual, you are welcome to attend a policy subcommittee meeting (check the calendar for upcoming meetings).

Pawtucket School Department Policies

Below is the full policy manual for the Pawtucket School Committee. You can open the full policy manual or access policies by opening up a specific folder. If you have any difficulty accessing a policy, please contact the Superintendents Office at 401-729-6300.


Full Policy Manual


 A - Foundation and Basic Commitments

 B - School Committee Governance and Operations

 C - General School Administration

 D - Fiscal Management

 E - Support Services

 F - Facilities

 G - Personnel

 I - Instruction

 J - Students

 K - Community Relations