The current subcommittees of the school committee are listed below. Contact information for the chair of each committee can be found on the School Committee Home Page. A Calendar of upcoming meetings and published agendas as well as Minutes are also available for all subcommittees.  


Facilities Subcommittee-Other Projects

Chairman:  Roberto Moreno
Gerard Charbonneau
Joseph Knight
John Cote
Pawtucket Teachers' Alliance Representative

Wellness Subcommittee

Chairwoman:  Joanne Bonollo
School Committee:  Erin Dube
School Administration:  Lee Rabbitt
Community Schools:  Emily Mallozzi, Candy Chamberlin
Parents:  Samantha Derenthal
American Heart/Arts Council:  Miriam Plitt
Aramark:  Josh Brochu
COZ:  Mary Parella
RI Healthy Schools:  Karin Weatherhill
The Empowerment Factory:  Gail Ahlers
Substance Abuse & Prevention Coalition:  DIanne Dufrense
City Activities-Warm Hearts/Poetry Slam/Earth Day/and more:  Arthur Plitt
Pawtucket School Nurses:  Kathleen Kando


Policy Subcommittee


Chairman:  Stephen Larbi
Joanne Bonollo
Lee Rabbitt
Pawtucket Teachers' Alliance Representative 

Special Needs Subcommittee

Chairwoman:  Kim Grant
Erin Dube 

Facilities Subcommittee:  Winters Elementary

                                                   Chairman:  Roberto Moreno
                                                          Joanne  Bonollo
                                                             Erin Dube

 Facilities Subcommittee:  Shea High School

                                                Chairman:  Roberto Moreno
                                                            Kim Grant
                                                         Stephen  Larbi  


 Facilities Subcommittee:  Baldwin Elementary School

                                                Chairman:  Roberto Moreno
                                                      Gerard Charbonneau
                                                          Joseph Knight