Dear Potter Burns Families,
WELCOME BACK TO POTTER – BURNS! To our new families, let me be the first to say Welcome, to our returning students and families, Welcome Back! I hope you all had a fun and healthy summer. The purpose of this letter is to review the Morning Drop Off, and Afternoon Pick Up procedures.
Morning Drop Off:
The school day for students begins at 8:30am. In order to have students start their day off on a calming and positive note, I have instituted the following changes.
Students cannot be dropped off at school until 8:15. Student drop off will take place from 8:15-8:30. Please use the drop off lane located in the parking area on Carter Avenue. When dropping off your child or children, please pull right up to the car in front of you, and either myself, or a student safety patrol member will open the door for you. Stay in your vehicle. I am also asking that students be on the right hand side of the car(side closest to the building), this is for safety reasons, I do not want the safety patrol or younger students exiting the vehicle from the traffic side. Do not have your child exit the vehicle until the door is opened by either myself, or a member of the safety patrol.
All students, Grades K-5 will enter the building through Door#1( main door). Once in the school, students will proceed to their classroom, and sit outside the room and wait for their teacher to open the classroom. While students are waiting to enter the classroom, they will be monitored by teachers.
Afternoon Pick Up:
Afternoon pick up procedure will remain the same. Teachers will dismiss the students out the doors closest to their classrooms.
Grades K&1: Front Door
Grade 2: Door 6
Grades 3 & 4: Door 2
Grade 5: Door #5

Construction Update:
I am happy to report that Phase 1 construction on the building is nearly complete. The brickwork on the Pullen side of the building will be completed in the next couple of weeks(prior to the opening of school). This means scaffolding on this side of the building will be down, and the school will have full use of Doors #2 and #4. The construction work on the Carter Avenue side of the building should be completed by the middle of September. This means that we will have limited parking on Carter Ave. lot. The construction company will have apparatus in the lot, the apparatus will occupy approximately 5 spaces. This space will not interfere with morning drop off, but please plan accordingly for afternoon pick up because the parking area will be short 5 spaces.
On Wednesday, August 31 we will be holding our First Day Celebration. All students will meet in the flagpole and playground area. Please go to your grade level balloon, and teachers will be there to take attendance, and line students up to enter the building. At 8:30am, all students, families, and teachers will recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and  the school pledge. Mrs. Depot will then say some opening remarks, and then students will enter the building with their classroom.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me either by email, depotm@psdri.net, or by phone, 729-7720.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs. Michelle N Depot