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Candidate Interviews


Mr. Thomas Aubin

Dr. Alexandra Montes McNeil

Dr. Marie-Elena Ahern

Ms. Patricia Ann Royal

Interview Questions:

Because of the recording setup and lack of microphones on the committee members, you can often not hear the questions. You can use the questions below to refer to what was asked. Both interviews began with an open ended, “Tell us a little about yourself,” as an opportunity for the candidate to introduce themselves to the interviewing committee. After that, question 1 below was asked and the remaining questions were asked in order. Subtitles can be turned on on these Youtube videos at the bottom but please keep in mind that Youtube subtitles contain inaccuracies. 

1. Describe your leadership style? What are your greatest assets and what areas are you still developing?

2. Please describe for us the steps you used to develop a three to five year comprehensive, strategic plan in a school district, how you implemented it and what the outcome of the plan was.

3. Describe a project or initiative that you have led successfully to improve student achievement and specify what if any technology you used to increase student performance? What were the results?

4. Describe your experience meeting the needs and closing the achievement gap for Special Needs Students, English language learners, and Children and families in poverty

5. What do you believe the role of the school committee is in day to day operations of a school district? How do you prefer to interact with the School Committee?

6. What relationship do you believe should exist between the Superintendent and the City Administration? 

7. What has been your experience working alongside unions? What lessons did you learn from this?

8. What supports do you put in place to develop a collaborative environment with your staff?

9. What are some examples of items that you can delegate vs. items that as Superintendent you need to be directly overseeing? 

10. Tell us about a time you identified an administrator or staff member who needed improvement. What processes did you use to address this and what was the outcome?

11. What would you say are the challenges that Pawtucket School District faces and its greatest assets?

12. Why do you want to be the next Superintendent of the Pawtucket School Department?

Survey Questionnaire

Please click here to view the actual survey what was shared with the community.

Survey Results: