It is my honor to serve as the Principal of the William E. Tolman Senior High School. The Tolman Tigers have a long storied tradition of excellence in all endeavors. We are committed to keeping this tradition alive as we provide a learning environment that develops academic competency, social awareness, civic responsibility, and a healthy lifestyle.  The faculty of William E. Tolman utilizes research-based teaching methods, innovative technology, and data-driven instruction to provide students with the necessary skills in this increasingly competitive world.  The staff and students dedicate themselves to standards of excellence while celebrating and respecting our cultural and academic diversity.  We are committed to maintaining a safe and rigorous learning climate while incorporating parental and community involvement. 


The strong pride and welcoming environment of Tolman High School are second to none. The many benefits listed below highlight the supports and opportunities available to our students but our Community of Acceptance is at the foundation of all of them. Inside Tolman High School, you will find:



A Tolman High School experience provides students and their families with the opportunity to be prepared for happiness and success. We take pride in believing in each other as we continue to build and support the ever-changing needs of our students and their families. I hope you will learn more about Tolman High School, a learning community where our rich history meets a rigorous, innovative commitment to excellence. As always, please reach out to me with any questions.

Christopher Savastano

Proud Principal of William E. Tolman Senior High School