Welcome to Francis J. Varieur Elementary School. Francis J. Varieur  students, staff, parents and community partners take pride in our student achievement scores, the rigor we provide and the standards we maintain.   Francis J. Varieur is a school that serves Kindergarten through sixth grade in Pawtucket RI.   We pride ourselves on high standards and high expectations for both teachers and students.  We believe that students who are provided with the right supports and environment can achieve to their highest potential. Faculty and staff at Varieur work tirelessly to challenge the students to be the best that they can be and to prepare them for the 21st century.   The diverse population at Varieur creates a culture that values and respects all children and their families.  Students at  Varieur typically meet the challenges that are presented to them as evidenced as statewide assessments.  Our focus is to bridge equity gaps among our students to prepare them to become lifelong learners.