Luis Andrade
Shea Valedictorian

Pawtucket Path: Baldwin, Slater, Shea

Favorite Teachers: Joanne Doyle, David Flaherty, Paul Jennings, and Carl Scott

Favorite Subject: Computer Science

Teams/Clubs: Pawtucket Tennis Team

Post Shea Plans: Attending URI for Mechanical Engineering

Biggest Challenge in High School:
The biggest challenge I faced in high school was hesitating when there were important decisions to make. If you’re going to ask that daring question, do it! If you wanna try something new, do it! Don’t hold yourself back!

Advice for Younger Students:
Use your time wisely, it does not seem like high school will go by fast, but here I am about to graduate. I thought 4 years was a long time, it is not. Enjoy them!

Congratulations Luis, we wish you the best of luck at URI and all that you do!