School Committee

The Pawtucket School Committee is comprised of seven members. They are elected officials who serve two-year terms. Below is the contact information for the current School Committee.

To learn about upcoming meetings, please access the School Committee Calendar below. By clicking on a specific meeting, additional information about the location of the meeting is available. In addition, within 48 hours of the meeting, an agenda is posted for the meeting on the calendar. Meeting information can also be found on The Secretary of State Webpage. 

James T. Chellel Jr. ~ 401-465-8248
44 Armistice Boulevard
Pawtucket RI 02860

Kimberly Grant ~ 401-663-4246
Deputy Chairwoman
189 Woodbury Street
Pawtucket RI 02861

Joanne Bonollo ~ 401-243-4411
407 Grand Avenue
Pawtucket RI 02861

Jennifer Carney ~ 401-359-2327
84 Enfield Street
Pawtucket RI 02861

Gerard Charbonneau ~ 401-497-4813
284 Daggett Avenue
Pawtucket RI 02861

Erin Dube ~ 401-212-9265
311 Vine Street
Pawtucket RI 02861

Marsha Fernandes ~ 401-952-4146
174 Woodbury Street
Pawtucket RI 02861


These are the Core Beliefs and Commitments of the Pawtucket School Committee:


  • We believe a strong and equitable public education system is central to our democracy and a healthy economy.
  • We believe our teachers and principals make the critical difference in student achievement.
  • We believe that as adults, we are accountable for building and maintaining high performing organizations that ensure all students will successfully acquire the knowledge, skills and values necessary for success.
  • We believe all children can and will learn at high levels. The capacity to learn is not determined or limited by race, family income, native language, gender or area of residence.
  • We will allocate resources in an equitable manner such that each student will reach his full potential.
  • We believe all children can reach their learning potential and that the achievement gap can be eliminated.
  • We will provide equal access to quality education regardless of race, family income, gender, native language, special needs or area of residence.
  • We believe schools have an enormous impact on children’s lives. The school effect is important and has a profound impact on every child’s life.
  • We will improve education outcomes for all students. We will have a qualified teacher in every class room and a qualified principal in every school who is an instructional leader.
  • We believe all children should be taught in a safe, orderly and secure learning environment
  • We will ensure learning and work environments are safe and secure so that each student and staff member will achieve high levels of performance.
  • We believe in the value of parents as the first and best teachers of children, and that the community must actively participate in the development of all children to improve the educational outcomes for our students.
  • We will engage the community including parents, caregivers, businesses, elected and appointed officials, civic and faith-based organizations, along with the District’s leaders, staff and students to improve educational outcomes for our students.
  • We believe parents and caregivers are responsible for sending their children to school ready to learn and that students have an obligation to come to school ready to learn.
  • We will not abandon those who are not ready and will seek ways to reach all children.

Adopted: June 13, 1988, Pawtucket School Committee
Amended: 1st Passage: May 12, 2015
2nd Passage: June 9, 2015


The current subcommittees of the school committee are listed below. A Calendar of upcoming meetings and published agendas as well as Minutes are also available for all subcommittees.  

Facilities Subcommittee-Other Projects
Chairman:  Roberto Moreno
Gerard Charbonneau
Joseph Knight
John Cote
Pawtucket Teachers’ Alliance Representative

Wellness Subcommittee
Chairwoman:  Joanne Bonollo
School Committee:  Erin Dube
School Administration:  Lee Rabbitt
Community Schools:  Emily Mallozzi, Candy Chamberlin
Parents:  Samantha Derenthal
American Heart/Arts Council:  Miriam Plitt
Aramark:  Josh Brochu
COZ:  Mary Parella
RI Healthy Schools:  Karin Weatherhill
The Empowerment Factory:  Gail Ahlers
Substance Abuse & Prevention Coalition:  DIanne Dufrense
City Activities-Warm Hearts/Poetry Slam/Earth Day/and more:  Arthur Plitt
Pawtucket School Nurses:  Kathleen Kando

Policy Subcommittee
Chairman:  Stephen Larbi
Joanne Bonollo
Lee Rabbitt
Pawtucket Teachers’ Alliance Representative 

Special Needs Subcommittee
Chairwoman:  Kim Grant
Erin Dube 

Facilities Subcommittee:  Winters Elementary
Chairman:  Roberto Moreno
Joanne  Bonollo
Erin Dube

Facilities Subcommittee:  Shea High School
Chairman:  Roberto Moreno
Kim Grant
Stephen  Larbi

Facilities Subcommittee:  Baldwin Elementary School
Chairman:  Roberto Moreno
Gerard Charbonneau
Joseph Knight 

Below is the full policy manual for the Pawtucket School Committee. You can open the full policy manual or access policies by opening up a specific folder. If you have any difficulty accessing a policy, please contact the Superintendents Office at 401-729-6300.

Full Policy Manual

 A – Foundation and Basic Commitments

 B – School Committee Governance and Operations

 C – General School Administration

 D – Fiscal Management

 E – Support Services

 F – Facilities

 G – Personnel

 I – Instruction

 J – Students

 K – Community Relations

School Committee Meeting Minutes