Pawtucket School Department Superintendent

Pawtucket Superintendent – Patricia Royal, Ed. S

Patricia Royal is an accomplished instructional leader and the recently appointed Superintendent of Schools for the Pawtucket School Department, who provides a strategic vision with a global focus on student achievement. Mrs. Royal is considered a “champion for students” for leading multiple schools to significant academic achievement. One of her strengths is her innate ability to build trusting, respectful, and meaningful relationships with individuals from all walks of life. Warren Bennis’s submission states, “Leadership is a capacity to translate vision into reality.” She is relentlessly determined to close the achievement gap and allow all students to reach their full potential. Mrs. Royal’s vision, values, and beliefs align with the district to strengthen the organization, promote harmony, ensure safety for all, increase academic achievement, and allow all voices to be heard throughout the educational process. She knows her purpose is directly connected to the success and development of students, teachers, staff, and leaders throughout the school organization, preparing generations as future leaders and change agents in their community.
Mrs. Royal works in partnership with all stakeholders to establish and sustain a culture of high expectations, accountability, and mutual respect for all whereas every student is valued and empowered to excel regardless of their background, “Every student, Every day”. Upon graduation, all students will be college, military and career ready and equipped with the profound knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in post-secondary settings and/ or the workforce.
Mrs. Royal believes that all students can be successful in their academic endeavors. High—quality teaching is the most powerful tool for students to achieve high scholastic standings. What happens in the classroom matters the most considering teachers have the greatest impact on student growth and achievement. With appropriately aligned curriculum, motivation, and reinforcement, students can learn and be prepared to compete in a technologically advancing society. Mrs. Royal believes it is imperative to foster meaningful relationships with all stakeholders, using positivity and strong communication skills to create a work environment that is enjoyable and effective. She believes to be an effective leader, she must always treat people with respect and courtesy, be fair and honest, and value the ideas and opinions of others. Mrs. Royal holds herself and others to high standards and high expectations including leaders, teachers, staff and students.
Mrs. Royal earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Bethune-Cookman University. She honed her passion for impacting students’ lives to ensure they can compete locally and globally to achieve their dreams. Mrs. Royal is the first African American female Superintendent in the state of Rhode Island. In addition, Mrs. Royal earned her Master’s and Educational Specialist degrees from Nova Southeastern University. As a lifelong learner, she seeks to attain her Doctorate in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Higher Education Administration at Arkansas State University.
  • Assistant Superintendent:
  • Lee Rabbitt
  • Assistant Superintendent:
  • Lisa Benedetti-Ramzi
  • Chief of Assessment, Accountability & Research
  • Dr. Lahna Tate
  • Chief of Human Resource & Talent
  • Krystal Lofton
  • Chief Information & Innovation Officer
  • Hersh Cristino
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Anthony Voccio

Irma DeLeon
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
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Administrative Assistant – Assistant Superintendent’s Team:
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