For Partnership or Community Engagement Opportunities please contact:

Ariel Castillo
School Culture, Parent Engagement & Community Partnership Liaison
C: 401 205 5432

Building Strong Connections

Pawtucket Publics Schools aims to create stronger relationships between schools, families, and the community to foster a supportive learning environment for students. This comprehensive initiative offers various strategies, programs, and resources to engage families at different levels and empower them as active partners in the education journey. We recognizes the vital role of parents, guardians, and caregivers in supporting children’s academic achievement and overall development. By building stronger connections we are ensuring a bright future for each and every student.

Community Partnerships

Community partnerships are a cornerstone of our school’s commitment to providing the best educational experience for our students. At Pawtucket Public Schools, we firmly believe that collaboration with the broader community fosters an environment of mutual support, shared resources, and enriched learning opportunities.

Collaborating with local businesses and organizations allows us to access specialized knowledge, technology, and facilities that enhance the educational experience for our students. Through workshops, mentorship programs, and internship opportunities, our students have the chance to connect with professionals in various fields, expanding their network and gaining valuable insights for future career paths.

We recognize that a strong connection with the community is vital for holistic education. We encourage parents, local organizations, businesses, and community members to actively participate  in school activities, events, and initiatives.

Parent Engagement

Engaging parents in the education process is vital for a child’s academic success. At Pawtucket Public Schools we understand the significant role that parents play in shaping their child’s learning experience. Not only does parent engagement foster positive relationships between families and our school community, but it also enhances student achievement.

At Pawtucket Public Schools, we prioritize parent engagement by offering various opportunities for involvement, such as informative workshops (BoysTown Family night flyer), interactive family nights, and access to online resources. We believe that every family has a unique perspective and valuable contributions to make, and we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where all voices are heard.

We are currently enrolling parents for the Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC) 

School Culture

Our school culture is founded on the principles of respect, collaboration, and acceptance. We foster a community that values diversity and celebrates the unique talents, backgrounds, and perspectives of each individual within our school family. Students from various cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds come together to form a rich tapestry of experiences and ideas, creating an exciting atmosphere of learning and discovery. Together, every student, every day.

Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (PAC)