The Pawtucket School District’s dynamic and diverse Parent Advisory Council (PAC), is a dedicated group of parent representatives passionate about enhancing the educational experience for all students. Composed of enthusiastic parents from various backgrounds, the PAC strives to foster an inclusive and supportive learning environment that deepens the partnership between families, educators, and the community.

Guided by their shared vision for excellence in education, the PAC embodies the voice of parents, offering valuable insights and advocating for their children’s needs within the district. With open minds and collaborative efforts, they actively engage with school administrators, and teachers, facilitating constructive dialogues on policies, curriculum development, and resource allocation, among other vital topics.

Acting as a bridge between families and the school system, the PAC embraces transparency and encourages meaningful communication. Through regular meetings, workshops, and community events, they ensure that parents stay well informed, empowered, and connected to the educational journey of their children. By encouraging parental involvement in decision-making processes, fostering a sense of belonging, and always striving to address concerns, the council stands as a true advocate for every child’s success.