Yareli Sanchez Martin

Pawtucket Path: Curtis, Goff, Tolman

Favorite Teachers: Mr. Reynolds, Mrs. Karypidis and Mr. Bobola

Favorite Subject: Math

Teams/Clubs: National Honor Society, Yearbook Club, Student Council, Pawtucket Youth Commission and DECA

Job/Volunteer: CSA at Walgreens, Fuzion Design Internship

Post Tolman Plans: Bentley University majoring in Accounting

Biggest Lesson Learned:

One of the biggest lessons I learned during my high school years is that making mistakes are okay! It’s all part of becoming the best version of yourself. Making a mistake means that you’ll do better next time.

Advice for Younger Students:

As cliché as it sounds, believe in yourself no matter what. You are capable of doing whatever you want to do in life as long as you have faith in yourself. Overcome your self-doubt and you will succeed in life.


Congratulations Yareli, we wish you the best of luck at Bentley and all that you do!