The Pawtucket School Department Celebrated the opening of “Everyone’s Playground” on Wednesday, September 20, 2023.
This accessible playground offers a range of play experiences to children of varying abilities located at Curvin-McCabe Elementary School, and is open to all families!

All new equipment with a balanced combination of need available for all students. Curvin McCabe was chosen as the site because it did not have a playground, the location is central for the residents of Pawtucket, the site had ample space for a playground of this scale, and Curvin McCabe has a large population of special needs students who are educated alongside typical students.

The Playground provides:
• Smaller, intimate spaces that provide less confusion and less sensory overload for children
• Opportunities to exercise, connect with nature, and practice social skills
• Multi-sensory play: music, touch, smell, hearing, and colors
• Children follow a flow of dots, colors, and play structures with a ramp that provides integration of all children
• PIP safety surfaces including foam ground cover
• Benches and tables in close proximity for care givers
• Brings children of all abilities together

Working together, as a team, made Everyone’s Playground possible.
Pawtucket School Department
City of Pawtucket
Colliers Project Leaders
Gardner and Gerrish Landscape Architects
O’Brien & Sons Recreation Equipment Supplier
Yard Works