We are honored and privileged to announce that Ms. Bridget Boucher, Principal of Varieur Elementary School has been named Rl’s 2024 Elementary Principal of the Year.

Ms. Boucher is a true professional with a myriad of leadership qualities. She is able to look at the big picture and make changes that impact the day to day functioning of her school.. She is able to motivate her staff and create a
team that is both effective and formidable. People thrive under her leadership. She is well respected throughout the district and is able to guide and lead by action and through passion.

Through the years, Ms. Boucher has served in school leadership at every level. She started as the Dean and then Assistant Principal at Goff Middle School where her knowledge and expertise helped the school transform from a “junior high” to a true middle school while raising student achievement simultaneously. She then served as an Assistant Principal at Shea High School. With Ms. Boucher as a member of the leadership t eam, Shea High School
moved cu lture and student scores to al low Shea to come out of transformation status and earn recognition as one of the first high schools to exit corrective action status. One change contributing to Shea’s success was made by
Ms. Boucher and that was in regard to senior portfolios. Through her insight and forward thinking, nearly 100% of seniors successfully completed the portfolio process. Currently Ms. Boucher serves as principal at Varieur
Elementary School. Varieur has consistently been recognized as a high achieving school with an eye on standards based instruction and above average test scores in all testing grades. School culture and climate is equally as
important to Ms. Boucher and it is evident as soon as you walk in the doors at Varieur.

Ms. Boucher is a self reflective practitioner who leads by example. There is nothing that she would ask of her staff that she, herself, would not do. Her School Improvement Team, under her leadership, has set and consistently
reviews the goals set for the students and it should be noted t hat the achievement actually has far surpassed that already rigorous goal. All of these highlights are a direct result of Ms. Boucher’s leadership. She is the kind of leader that earns respect and gives respect. She thinks outside the box is self reflective in all that she does. She always wants the best for her staff, her students and their families.