CTE - Firefighter & EMS


The focus of this program is to prepare students to apply technical knowledge and skills required to perform entry-level duties in law enforcement, firefighting, emergency medical services, and other public safety services. This program stresses the techniques, methods, and procedures specific to the areas of criminal justice, fire protection, and emergency medical services especially in emergency and disaster situations. Physical development and self-confidence skills are emphasized due to the nature of the specific occupation(s). In addition to the application of mathematics, communication, science, and physics students receive training in social and psychological skills, map reading, vehicle and equipment operations, the judicial system, firefighting, pre-hospital emergency medical care and appropriate emergency assessment, treatment and communication

Plan of Study

Year 1

Fundamentals of Public Safety

Year 2

Firefighter I

Year 3

Firefighter II

Year 4

Advanced Firefighter and EMS Training

Suggested Coursework:

Public Speaking
Environmental Science


NFPA 1001 Certification Exam (Written and Physical Component)
EMT Certificate


Skills and Knowledge:

  • Communication: Firefighter must be able to explain conditions at an emergency
  • Compassion: Firefighter need to provide emotional support to those in emergency situations
  • Decision Making Skills: Firefighter must be able to make difficult choices quickly
  • Mental Preparedness: Firefighter must be able to handle the stressfulness of their work
  • Physical Stamina: Firefighter may have to stay at disaster sciences for long periods of time to rescue and treat victims
  • Physical Strength: Firefighter must be strong enough to carry heavy equipment and move debris at an emergency site. They also carry victims who cannot walk.
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Work-Based Learning Opportunities

Students must complete 80 hours in any of the following activities: Internship, Apprenticeship, Service-learning project, Industry Project, or School-based Enterprise.

Occupations within this Field:

  • Firefighter
  • Emergency Medical
  • Responder