CTE - Theater


The JMW theater program is process oriented. The student actor will explore voice and movement, dramatic texts and interpretation as well as learning how to create and sustain believable characters through collaborative and truthful storytelling. Formal and informal performances, in and out of the classroom, help students develop performance skills and the ability to give and take constructive criticism from their peers. Students will graduate with the ability to successfully audition into a college theater program. 

Plan of Study

Year 1

Introduction to Theater; Introduction to Acting

Year 2

Introduction to Script Analysis; Introduction to Scene Study

Year 3

Theater History; Introduction to to Audition Technique

Year 4

Classical Scene Study; Theater Seminar

Additional Requirements:
Anatomy and Injury Prevention for the Moving Body or Dance Composition; Chorus

Suggested Coursework:
Dramatic Literature; Theaterworks; Non-Western Theatrical Traditions; Introduction to Improvisations

RI State Council on the Arts Credential-Theatre


Skills and Knowledge:
Problem Solving; Professionalism; Collaboration; Critical Thinking; Communication; Creativity; Flexibility; Initiative ; Orientation to the theater; Knowledge of artistic and technical theater; Participation in small and large company stage performances; Knowledge of stage-performance (theater company, acting ,stagecraft

Work-Based Learning Opportunities

Students must complete 80 hours in any of the following activities: Internship, Apprenticeship, Service-learning project, Industry Project, or School-based Enterprise.

Occupations within this Field:

  • Actor
  • Director
  • Musician/Singer
  • Composer/Arranger
  • Church Musician
  • Accompanist
  • Playwright
  • Theatre/Acting Entrepreneur
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